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Welcome, School System Personnel!

Online courses offer the opportunity for students to take courses that may not be available from their local school, conflict with their schedule, or are not offered because of low enrollment.  Students may also be looking for remediation or extended enrichment.
Through the delivery of high quality online courses, the Maryland Virtual Learning Opportunities Program, an educational service managed by the Maryland State Department of Education, is designed to expand the access of Maryland public school students.  We deliver challenging curricula aligned to the Maryland Content Standards as well as to other appropriate standards.

MVS offers online courses for high school credit in collaboration with local school systems.  The teaching is conducted online with the teacher physically separated from the student.  The teacher communicates with the student online and via the telephone and site-based support is provided by a Onsite Support Teacher teacher or School Site Coordinator.

MVS is not a school and does not offer a complete high school diploma program online.  The credit earned by taking an MVS course is entered into the student's record by the local public high school or school system.  Students may take a course through MVS only with the permission of their local school principal.

Local schools and school system administrators should work together to determine if online courses are a recognized option for credit based on local guidelines.  This website offers documentation to support local school systems in creating policies and procedures to implement online courses to supplement their current course catalogue.  The resources listed in the table provide information about what courses are available, important dates, frequently asked questions, school requirements, practices and procedures, and steps for registration.  If you have any questions regarding the MVS program, please .