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Welcome Students!!

Are you thinking about signing up for an online course?  If so, you’re about to join thousands of other high school students online.  Online courses allow you to work around busy schedules, take subjects that aren’t offered at school, and try a new way of learning.  Just like in a conventional classroom, you’ll have an assigned period for the course, read textbooks, interact with your Online Instructor and other students, conduct experiments, complete assignments, meet deadlines, and study for tests.

What’s different is that you’ll do much of this online.  Your Online Instructor is a real person, but you probably won’t ever meet face to face. Instead, you’ll use email, online discussions, and weekly office hours to talk with classmates and your Online Instructor.  Most courses allow you to watch interactive multimedia presentations, get instant feedback on online exercises, and track your own progress through the course.  It’s a new and exciting way to learn!

Before you register for an online course you should first meet with your guidance counselor to determine your need to take an online course. 

The resources listed in the table provide information about what courses are available, steps for registration, frequently asked questions, and some tips on how to do well in your course.  If you have any questions along the way, please call 410-767-0030 or email MVS. Students say taking an online course builds their confidence, their skills, and their motivation to learn. Good luck with your course, and make the most of it!